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Living in Thailand

FiddAsia Marketing - 13 May 2021 - 0 comments


Living in Thailand

Thailand is a country that makes many people dream.  Lovers of exotic trips to the end of the world, backpackers, tour travelers or those enjoying the sandy beaches in luxurious resorts in Phuket, Koh Samui or elsewhere, the Kingdom of Siam does not leave you indifferent not to mention its ancestral culture, its cuisine among the best in the world or simply the legendary smile of its people.

So there is Thailand, a very popular tourist destination, and for several decades now, there is Thailand for those who have decided to make it their country of adoption.  Indeed, the country attracts more and more people to spend a retirement life in the sun but also those looking to make a living by finding a job or create a business.

The cost of living in Thailand, although constantly increasing over the last 25 years, remains very attractive compared to many other similar destinations and especially compared to the cost of living in Europe or North America, in terms of housing although access to land property is highly regulated.  The maxim that says that in real estate the number 1 rule is the location, wether to acquire a property or to make a rental investment, is also valid in Thailand, however one can really be housed in excellent conditions at reasonable price, even for lower budget.  

Living in Thailand is not just a matter of cheap or a supposedly easy life.  Like many destinations with a culture totally different from the codes we have learned since our childhood and it is not always necessary to cross the planet to realize it, wanting to live in Thailand requires a certain questioning of our knowledge and an open-mindedness that can surprise.  All those who live in Thailand today have integrated this dimension and often surprise themselves with the changes they have made while traveling back to their country of origin.  One of the most striking characteristics is the almost permanent will of the Thai to avoid confrontation.  The smile can be disarming!

Where to settle when you want to live in Thailand?  Everything depends of course on what you want to do.  The active and amateurs of hectic life, shopping and night life of a megalopolis of more than 10 millions souls will opt for Bangkok.  However, there is also industrial estates in the north of the country in Chiangmai or in the region of Chonburi/Rayong at the east of the capital.  Others, more focused on tourist activities and looking for a quieter or more natural life style, will opt for the islands, the proximity of the beaches in the south or the countryside in the northeast also known as “Isaan”.  The regions in the center of the country or along the border with Myanmar also offer excellent alternatives to those who love nature and tranquility.   

For the active and experienced entrepreneurs, many agree that it is often easier to create and operate a business in Thailand than one might think, especially if one has taken the time to study his project and to learn the basics of the Thai language.  

You are now ready to move and settle in Thailand… The majority of local companies needing foreign expertise in any field, are familiar with administrative procedures that may seem a bit cumbersome for the obtaining of a work permit, a mandatory requirement for foreigners who want to operate in the Kingdom.  There are other constraints once installed, but on the whole the administrative services are well organized and most often the employer takes charge or brings a welcome logistic help to their foreign employees.  

Thailand has also entered the 21st century and a new category of migrants is emerging, the remote workers.  All they need is a power outlet and a good Internet connection to do their work, which is quite possible even lying on their deckchair at the beach.  The current health crisis has also been a kind of catalyst and it is less and less surprising that many migrants consider Thailand as the ideal place to plug their laptop.

Some, but not all, have made a holiday trip or two, then found a job or started a business, some have found their soul mate, and finally coming full circle to stay for a peaceful retirement.  More and more retirees are also coming to Thailand where beautiful real estate projects, villas and senior residences offer a living environment with or without services adapted to different budgets. However, it is recommended to study your project carefully before taking the plunge. You should at least be able to pay a reasonable rent to ensure a certain level of comfort and/or have the necessary capital to purchase a property to be able to live comfortably, in addition to having a good health insurance plan.  Apart from housing and health, the cost of living in Thailand is reasonable if one accepts a simpler way of life and a cuisine recognized to be one of the best in the world.  

Thailand, a destination of choice for vacationing, working or living a happy and peaceful retirement.

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