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Private Wealth Management

FiddAsia Marketing - 25 February 2021 - 0 comments

What is Private Wealth Management?

Wealth Management, also called private management or asset management, refers to a variety of services such as portfolio management, financial planning, real estate and securities investments, credit, asset protection, tax management and other typical services for private or institutional clients with different concerns and objectives. 

Wealth Management services are often provided by large financial institutions, private banks or specialized internal departments of retail banking business.  However, there are also excellent independent financial advisory firms, brokers and other independent business agents who either act as representatives of these large institutions or work completely independently and sometimes on behalf of only a few clients in so-called “family offices” structures.  

Private, Wealth and Asset Management are often associated with the management of assets for very High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) or who are considered as accredited investors.  Indeed, private banks, several private management consulting firms and family offices exclusively focus on this very wealthy clientele through the selection by means of a minimum deposit or investment value when opening an account to benefit from their services.



Where to start

Because few are fortunate to be born wealthy so many of all those people who today developed substantial wealth started it from scratch or very little, wealth is built-up through stages.  For this reason, “private” do not only mean “exclusive”, it also means “personalized and discretionary”, as each individual’s needs are different, although they all often share identical foundations.  Successful financial planning using savings of scale is therefore worked on from the very beginning of one’s working life, or even before…

Private or wealth management thus often begins with a good personal Healthcare and Providence plan.  Because health is indeed our very first and most important asset, we all should take the utmost care of it, in addition to taking all necessary steps in order to protect all our loved ones from the unforeseen hazards of life.  

Private or wealth management is thus NOT only the business of the wealthier.  Protecting oneself and one’s loved ones, having a good pension and education savings plan for children, accessing home ownership as well as other precautionary saving methods are open to everyone concerned with these needs.    

As is evident, not all investment instruments in the market are accessible or recommended to everyone.  Authorities and regulators over time have gradually instituted stringent tools to protect so-called “non-specialized’ investors, also known as common “savers” against the lure of interesting but inappropriate solutions to their situation.  For this reason, the advice of truly independent professionals who work in the sole interest of their clients, rather than the institutions on which some of them often depend, must be sought.



What Private Wealth Managers Do

The very first task of private banking or wealth management professionals is to listen to clients, forging strong and trusting professional working relationships.  Their job is to understand both the personal and professional circumstances of their clients.  They also have to understand their “motivations”, the whys and wherefores, then of course assess their objectives.  Effective listening leads to an understanding of the client’s concerns, fears and apprehensions in order to guide them with confidence through inevitable challenges on the path to achieving their goals.  

Private or wealth management advisors also often have to call on external services in order to carry out their mission, such as a lawyer’s or notary’s office, a chartered accountant or tax planning specialist’s office, etc.  Sometimes, they must coordinate their actions with the client’s lawyer and accountants to ensure an approach in line with an established overall situation.



FiddAsia Advisory

FiddAsia is a private management consulting firm offering services to expatriates of all nationalities, developing personal and commercial strategies mainly in Asia without being limited to it.  

FiddAsia has its offices in Bangkok, Thailand.  We benefit from several partnerships, leading operators in their field of expertise, whether for classic investment solutions or alternative solutions for which our experience is now recognized.

One of our objectives is to support activities with high social and environmental value that have a positive societal impact in the fight against climate change, environmental destruction and global health issues while promoting corporate responsibility and gender equity. 

The company’s culture is to put the client at the heart of our concerns and development.  By listening to our clients and prospects, we are able to improve our services and develop offers adapted for their needs or wishes.  We therefore strive to respond with the broadest open mind possible without any limits other than what is reasonable and reasoned.  




Expertise & Experience : We are in contact with experts having years of experience in different business sectors ranging from real estate investment to sustainable economy, from start-ups to established companies, from B2C to B2B, and more…

Research and Study : Trend is a key factor in estimating the value of a market and the opportunity to enter it.  We are constantly exploring the right alternatives to complement our offer.

Listening to you : Because we know how long it takes to make the right decision, your time is our time.  We listen to you, our agenda is wedged on yours to be ready when you are.  We take the time to plan and build with you.

Keep focus : We strive to proactively identify the most promising partnerships to deliver the results you expect tomorrow.



What we are working on

  • Sustainable and socially responsible investment 
  • Property and Real Estate
  • Investments in Start-ups and SMEs
  • The Film and Media Industry
  • Fixed or variable capital instruments with annual or quarterly returns
  • Pension and other savings plans
  • Capitalization instruments 
  • Healthcare & Providence Plan 
  • and much more…




Customer centric : Our core business strategy is focused on the needs, preferences and ultimate goals of our clients.  Whether it is to manage large existing assets or to start one’s “Goal Fortune”, to create or pass on wealth, to generate returns, to plan retirement savings, health/ provident coverage, children’s education or any other subject, the client is at the center of our action. 

Privacy : Confidentiality is the keystone of our commitment.

Performance : There can be no true performance without minimal risk taking and without limiting intermediary costs.  We are committed to providing solid and sustainable performance, whether in the form of a regular annual return or with a view to long-term capital gains, by informing our clients of the risks inherent in the various transactions proposed.

Network connection : We are supported by a network of partners who are experts in their field of activity as well as by a network of independent consultants with a perfect knowledge of the countries in which they are established, whether in Thailand, Southeast Asia or elsewhere.

Market monitoring : Our clients’ experiences and knowledge of the various markets are the foundation of our global approach. 



Why FiddAsia

FiddAsia is built on 3 fundamental cornerstones and a philosophy shared with our clients.

  • Strategy: All the parameters are taken into account to identify the different options available when carrying out your projects.
  • Expertise: Selection of the right solution(s) to help you achieve your objectives
  • Alternative: A differentiated and customised approach to investment opportunities 



“ We guide you in your choice “


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