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Colored diamonds

FiddAsia Marketing - 3 May 2019 - 0 comments

At FiddAsia, always looking for new ideas for investing, we consider collectibles, antiques, works of art and all that is beautiful and rare as a vehicle for investment in a strong investment strategy.  So we share with you here our feeling about the natural coloured diamonds that are the crème de la crème of diamonds.  Indeed, only 1 in 100,000 diamonds is naturally coloured.  The rarest colours are, in order, red, blue, green, pink, then champagne, cognac, caramel, gray and yellow.

The value of these diamonds increases considerably year by year, at the same time as their availability in the market decreases.

Today the pink diamond is highly sought after by collectors and professionals.  Indeed, the main source of production that mines 80% of the world’s rose diamonds will close in 2020.  It is then objectively conceivable to see their value rise sharply over the short term and beyond.  Investing today in the natural coloured diamond and on the rose coloured diamond in particular can legitimately enter into a strategy of capital growth.  Value stones and diamonds in particular have always been a transmission value from generation to generation.

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