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FiddAsia Newsletter Q4 2020

FiddAsia Marketing - 2 February 2021 - 0 comments

We are now well into the new year 2021, which has already brought its share of challenges in the continuity of the last 12 months. With a year 2020 slightly superior to 2019, FiddAsia has shown itself to be resilient, which has enabled us to maintain the development plan for the team and our services, which we will announce as they are put in place.

We wish to strengthen the team’s expertise and the links with our historical partners while always looking for new investment opportunities for our clients. We will also pursue our diversification strategy with the development of the business transaction & trading branch by expanding our networks.

Finally, we will continue the transformation of the different administrative processes in compliance with the evolution of the laws in force in Thailand.

FiddAsia has a lot of energy and we are at your disposal to guide you in your choices.


  (Paul Roussel, Managing Director)


Conventional versus alternative investment

The fluctuation of the financial markets in recent decades and more recently exacerbated by the worldwide health crisis of the last 12 months has affected all investors and more severely money savers. Conventional financial investments, such as stocks and bonds, to name only the most well-known ones, suffered a lot before being artificially supported by the money printing press.  Nevertheless, they remain attractive in a volatile market linked to uncertainty for those who know how to sniff out bargains, but this is not the case for the majority who are more concerned about their daily lives, their jobs and their hard-earned savings. Frustrated as time passes, rollercoaster results, monetary erosion, depositors are turning more and more to alternative investment solutions that have become an essential part of diversified portfolios in recent years.  They are showing more consistency.  Often associated by investors with low liquidity, high acquisition costs and the difficulty of estimating their value, these instruments are taking up more and more space in our portfolios, regardless of who shouts at the wolf, scams and other slanderous arguments in an effort to safeguard their established businesses.


What are alternative investments?


Alternative investments are financial assets other than the conventional investment that include stocks, bonds or cash.  Their nature is often complex but not necessarily, they are outside of the box of regulation with different degrees or level of risk.

Type of alternative investments are but not all listed below

  1. Private equity, refers to capital investment made into private companies, or those not listed on a public exchange.

  2. Real estate is also often regarded as alternative vehicles such as land, farmland, houses, golf courses, vineyards etc.

  3. Intellectual property, artwork, antiques, collectibles, media…

  4. Green investment, the act of allocating capital towards projects whose purpose is to benefit the environment.

  5. Commodities, specific loan agreements, cryptocurrencies…


Oud oil the liquid gold


Ever heard about Oud oil or wondered why it is so expensive? Oud oil is sourced from Southeast Asian Agarwood trees.  The tree will react by producing a sap darkening the inner trunk triggered by an external aggression in the wild.  However, now largely protected, the trees are cultivated and infected with a particular and natural type of mold.  The scented extract after harvesting is often called liquid gold.

The reason why Oud oil has become so expensive is its rarity. At present, there are less than 2% of agarwood trees in the wild.


With history dating back thousands of years in fragrances, incense and aromatherapy with a deep sense of relaxation, it is also of highly significance in some cultural and religious practices.  Nowadays, Oud oil is used in a wide variety of purposes, from traditional medical use to treat digestive spasm and respiratory system, fevers, nausea and other ailments, it is also beneficial to the cosmetic industry with anti-aging properties.  The product is considered halal and contain no animal substances.


Investment in Oud oil


FiddAsia has a privileged partnership with a leading global agro-forestry group for the management of various wood species plantations and particularly Agarwood.  Their expertise integrates the whole 100% natural process from the seed to the transformed products with high added value.  Their plantations are mainly located in Thailand and Malaysia but also elsewhere in Southeast Asia, where the tree originated.  The purchase of plantation plots is an excellent alternative to the conventional investment solutions with a “green” and a socially responsible offer.

Contact FiddAsia, we will guide you in your choices.



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