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Health Tech Investment Opportunity

FiddAsia Marketing - 18 August 2020 - 0 comments

Obesity in the world. Watch How the World Became Obese – Data from The Lancet

The world counts as of today about 2 Billion of overweight people and there will be 3 Billion in 2030. Overweight and Obesity have been associated with the fast-paced development of our society leading to many illnesses like diabetes as well as other health conditions including some cancers. The consequences have become global (2.8 million people die each year due to this epidemic, it costs the US economy 1.7 Trillion USD per year in productivity loss and medical expenses). One of the key challenges is that it is very difficult to lose weight when you are alone.

In order to help tackling the global challenge, FiddAsia is now offering a new start-up investment opportunity in the form of a mobile application that brings technology and healthcare together. The startup’s mobile application is in the HealthTech industry and is designed to address loneliness during weight-loss through a social network built from a caring community, Nutrition Professionals and Artificial Intelligence. The startup offers solutions for both Individuals and Professionals: a B2C mobile application for overweight users to track their nutrition, activity and weight-loss on a daily basis and a B2B dashboard for Nutrition Professionals who can monitor their overweight patients in real time.

The application has been launched in France in late 2019 with a proven success among early subscribers: people highly motivated to lose weight, engaged in technology and changed their nutrition and activity habits. More than 8,500 users have already subscribed and posted positive feedback and more than 150 Nutrition Experts are already on-boarded to access the professional dashboard.

For this year, the startup has a plan to include additional features to increase users engagement in the application through gamification, challenges, weight-loss journey log and more. They also want to boost their user acquisition and reach the Global Market starting with South-East Asia in 2021. They have recently been selected by AppWorks, the biggest startup accelerator in Asia.

The team have been gain support from the beginning by institutions like the French Public Bank of Investment (BPI), the European Investment Fund (EIF), and others.

For additional information on this investment opportunity, we invite you to contact us at, FiddAsia’s Team is ready to assist you.

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