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Working from home to help beat the curve of COVID-19

FiddAsia Marketing - 25 March 2020 - 0 comments


Dear all, 

We hope everyone is well and being safe and we sympathize with those unfortunately affected by the outbreak. At FiddAsia Advisory Ltd, we are playing by the rules and we try to contribute to reducing the virus spread. We are all now operating from home since Friday, March 20 until further notice. However, we remain committed to our clients by providing the best service and will answer all incoming inquiries linking to all our business partners. We thank you for your ongoing support and confidence in accompanying you during this difficult time.  

We are taking this opportunity to remind you and encourage everyone to maintain social distancing in respect to the local government implemented policy. You can also follow the most updated news from the WHO website at 

Here are some tips to stay active while at home;


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