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Oud, the liquid gold!

FiddAsia since its inception put on the environment, the sustainable and socially responsible economy to offer its customers alternative wealth management solutions. Oud is the most expensive plant essence in the world, extracted from a tree species, the Aquilaria Cresna which grows only in Southeast Asia and Thailand in particular.

The tree also called “wood of the Gods” produces a rich and resinous heartwood called agar-wood when it undergoes an external aggression, a little like we produce antibodies when we are sick. However, only 5 to 7% of trees that can live for hundreds of years produce it in the wild.

The value of oil or wood chips extracted from the tree can reach extreme values, which is why a wave of massive and wild deforestation over the last 40 years has led CITES to declare the species endangered in the early 2000s.

Illegal logging and the marketing of the trees product without official authorisation is now prohibited even if, unfortunately, the contraband continues in some countries.

It is now proposed to the private sector to invest in sustainable and socially responsible plantations. This new business model contributes to the implementation of tree protection measures in their natural habitat through ethical and environmentally friendly practices without pesticides and other chemicals.

It is possible to contribute via 2 types of investment according to the objective we set to ourselves, capital growth or immediate fixed annual return.

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