FiddAsia is a consulting company in private management offering services to Expatriates of all nationalities, personal and business strategy development mainly in Asia through a network of independent consultants. Consulting services range from local and regional investments in properties, established companies, and start-ups, B2B, sustainable & environment driven economy and “à la carte” solutions…

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FiddAsia is the result of field experience over 25 years in expatriation, traveling around the globe mainly in Asia and the observation of the overall development needs of all expatriates regardless of their country of origin. Today expatriate communities became sedentary mainly through professional opportunities but also personal matters and thus wish to participate more and benefit from the economic development of their country of adoption that often offers better prospects.


Asset audit, and civil, legal, tax advice for expatriates to manage their businesses.

Business transactions

Market study, intermediation, acquisition, sales...

Property investments

Property investments in Thailand, Asia, Europe, Dubai, and USA.

Sustainable investments

Sustainable and socially responsible investments for the environment.

Small companies and startups

Investments in small companies and future plans.

Art and collections

Art, collections, and antiques.

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